The advantages of high-speed jet dispensing machine vision


Parameters are set freely

According to different requirements, the machine can be completed for a variety of products dispensing functions, with dots, straight lines, multi-segment lines, arcs, circles and other ways of editing, with a simple programming environment, it has the functions of offset setting, matrix calling, repeat trajectory, etc. . For example, the amount of glue and the time of glue can be adjusted at will, not only more comprehensive function, but also more widely applicable to the industry, to meet the requirements of different glue and product technology

Easy to operate

Windows 7 Chinese Operation Interface, easy to learn and understand, SMEMA communication function, can work with the front and back equipment, MES system interface, CCD Vision high-speed spray dispenser easy to operate and easy to learn features, for the academic background is not high for the front-line operators is very beneficial. Because the ease of operation so that they learn the efficiency of a large degree of progress, enterprises do not have to spend more time and cost of staff on-the-job training, to help enterprises save a lot of training costs. From the general direction, the visual dispensing machine is to allow enterprises to quickly reach high-efficiency product results, imperceptibly affect the reputation of the enterprise.

High identification accuracy, detection accuracy up to micron level

Attached to the high-precision and high-speed moving channel of peach, the running precision can reach ± 0.005 mm, the running speed can reach 1000 mm/s, the piezoelectric ceramic jet valve can spray glue accurately and high-speed, the spray speed can reach 800 Hz, the minimum spray glue quantity is 2 NL/point. The use of precision driving device, useful to enhance the product dispensing accuracy and quality of dispensing, so that the equipment more stable and efficient operation.